" This is not so simple "

I am so, so alone, lost, distressed feel that here is not my place Out I do not know what I can find But I seek an outlet to release my be this huge illusion In life we can not distinguish the good from bad by more than Impersonal seem normal, is illegal. For what is evil to me may be good for anyone This is not so simple is a matter of vision If you look on the one hand Can not you see the other three so do not judge by the opinion Understand, try to understand Deliver if you feel your soul Release the energy, plant Embellish your evening lights joy, smiles, love. Do not let anything stop His moment of reflection, That could change very His way of thinking take you to realize How much can be selfish with us yourself and others with whom we say Until love CHORUS So think, hang on, one day everything will take a course .. In sum, summarize, it does not disappear of its own world Anything can be cool, everything will be normal, just do not let bad if our possession of the property (for our own good, and we love too)